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antique inspired hand engraved abalone inlay with enamel fine tuner
antique inspired hand engraved abalone inlay with enamel fine tuner

Antique inspired hand engraved Abalone inlaid with enamel fine tuner

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Inspired by intricate details found in Antique pieces, this piece is beautifully hand engraved by a fourth generation master hand engraver with leaf designs on each of the eight sides facing opposite directions throughout the piece. It is Enamelled in Black along with a center Abalone shell inlay. All techniques often found on the delicate and intricate details on the bottoms of Violin, Viola and Cello Bows.

***Fun Fact: Hand Engraving is not common today as machine and digital engraving have become highly popularized and have taken over much of the engraving that is done today. It has a very different effect as you can see in the photos of this piece compared to the digital laser engraved Luxitune logo and metal stamp shown on the bottom of the design.

The entire piece is made of Solid Sterling Silver, with a thick layer (1 micron) of 14k Yellow Gold.

Continuing our tradition of designing string tuners inspired by classic and timeless jewelry, this new addition to our Luxitune collection is available for Pre-Order as it takes a minimum of 4 weeks to make and is not a regularly stocked item.

Multi color shell Abalone size 5.5mm

14k Yellow Gold

***The photo shows the prototype with slight imperfections but will be replaced with the improved version soon