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Mother-of-pearl fine tuner Dark Grey (Abalone)

Mother-of-pearl fine tuner Dark Grey (Abalone)

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The Mother-of-pearl (M.O.P) Collection is inspired by the timeless creative use of the natural mother-of-pearl as a material in violin, viola and cello bows. 
It is also a beautiful precious material used in the design and making of fine jewelry. 
This collection was designed featuring the same clean fluid lines as our Solitaire collection.

Continuing our tradition of designing string tuners inspired by classic and timeless jewelry, this new addition to our Luxitune collection offers a different type of bling.

Mother-of-pearl Colors (M.O.P):
 - Dark Grey (Abalone)

2 Precious Metal Finish Options:
14k Gold Plated over Brass metal (YELLOW GOLD TONE)

10mm diameter x 7mm height

Mother-of-pearl (M.O.P) size 5.5mm