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Artists of Luxitune series with Hip Hop Violinist Rhett Price

hip Hop violinist Rhett Price
Our very first hip hop violinist guest on our Artists of Luxitune IG live series was Rhett Price from Boston, MA. From performing on the subways and streets to large performance venues and recording studios, the only traditional thing about Rhett is that he took Suzuki violin lessons for about 2 years when he was about 4 years old.
He shared a little about his process of putting a show together as a hip hop violinist with focus on showmanship, being an entertainer as well as an instrumentalist by observing and learning from various performing artists.
With the slow return of live in-person performances, he may be going on tour this summer. We are so excited for this and we know many of his fans are too. This was made very clear from the comments and questions from his fans during our live event! Watch out for details of his upcoming tour and new music releases by following him on instagram.
We were lucky to have Rhett perform an excerpt from his single Party Animal as well, so head over to our Youtube channel to watch the full video of the recorded live event.

Thank you all for joining us and share this video with your friends and family! Thank you again Rhett!