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Artists of Luxitune series with Violinist Maxine Kwok of London Symphony Orchestra

Violinist Maxine Kwok London Symphony Orchestra Luxitue

Violinist Maxine Kwok from the London Symphony Orchestra shares a wealth of information and insights on orchestral excerpts and preparing for them. We caught up with Maxine and got to hear about her experience with performing with Adele recently. She has been with the London symphony orchestra for twenty years, so there were many questions that you guys asked which were so greatly received and answered by her!
We are forever grateful to Maxine for being with us since we launched 8 years ago, she has been a huge supporter of our sparkly fine tuners since we started and we love following her musical journey from across the continent. You should follow her on instagram if you aren’t already!

 Click below to watch the recording of the live event!



Thank you all for joining us and share this video with anyone you think would benefit! Thank you again Maxine!