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Artists of Luxitune series with freelance Violinist Francesca Dardani

Francesca Dardani Violinist
A lot can happen in one year. We spoke to the lovely freelance Violinist Francesca Dardani in 2020 about her tour with Madonna for Madame X, and in our recent IG live for Artists of Luxitune, Francesca talks about welcoming motherhood, nurturing relationships with your network as you will need all the support as a working musician mother and the power of manifesting. Share this with your friends and colleagues and follow Francesca Dardani to get to know more about her! Check out her recent project called "Violin Textures" for Emergence Audio as well as her Website and Instagram.
For those that missed the IG live, you can view the full video on Youtube.
Thank You all for joining us and please share this with your friends and family! Thank you again for sharing your thoughts and experience Francesca!