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Collaboration with Kun Shoulder Rest

Luxitune Collaboration with Kun for limited edition violin tuner for 50th anniversary
Kun x Luxitune limited edition fine tuner
It is the 50th anniversary of Kun shoulder rest this year and we are grateful to have been invited to collaborate with them to design and create a Kun fine tuner to commemorate the milestone. In this recorded IG Live video available on youtube, we talk to Juliana, who is the daughter of Joseph Kun, who founded the company 50 years ago about the process of making the special fine tuner and a little history behind how Luxitune started. If you enjoyed watching the video, please hit the like and subscribe button to help others that are interested in topics like this find us! Check out Kun shoulder rest to learn more about them! See below for their website and instagram links:
Happy 50th Anniversary and Thank You Kun!